Looking for a Black Hat SEO Professional

Hey there,

I am searching for a Black Hat SEO Professional with a proven record of building and establishing PBN’s that work and maintained. I’m also looking for other BH technics you can bring to the table.

I will share sites that did it very well and succeed (Will be happy even to replicate there strategy and success)

I have no problem if the site will burn in Google after it brought positive ROI. So we can work on many sites.

The industry is the casino industry.

Finance wise; I have almost no limitation if you can prove a success, other then establishment fee, we can also do revenue share on the players that we will get from the project (So its win-win situation)

Suppose you have the experience and abilities to establish such a successful project (And can prove it). In that case, a good yield is promised as the relationship that I have with the casinos is long term and the deals are not regular deals… please contact me if interested.

Thank you!


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