Looking for partners to provide fiverr reviews


I’m about to start providing fiverr reviews service and I need partners who can provide reviews. We will pay you $2/review + gig cost and fees. (You will cover the paypal fees), so you might earn about $1.4 for leaving 1 review after the paypal fees. How it works is, you will be on our skype contact, when we get an order, we will contact you and add you and my client to a skype group conversation and then you follow the instruction of the client and leave a review, you must do exactly as the client says, you might need to search on fiverr, find their gig, then order, then might need to wait a day and then leave the review content that the client will give to you. I will send you the money before you order. The money I pay you will cover gig cost + fiverr fees + your cut. We use paypal only, if you don’t have paypal, we cannot work together.

I will start providing the service after about 15 – 20 days, so you might start getting orders that time.

If you are interested, please add me on skype, my skype is live:yossaphat_c

We accepting users from all countries. But we prefer users from US, UK, AUS, CANADA and EU. But we can work with all countries, also I prefer that you already have a fiverr account that is atleast 6 months old. But if you have less than 6 months old account, it’s ok.

If you are already providing fiverr reviews, great, but if you partner with us, you will get more work. We will sell our service on BHW aswell as out of BHW. So, we expect alot of clients.


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