Freelancer for high quality linkbuilding

Looking for a (Dutch) freelancer who has a high-quality network of websites that can be used for link building (so no PBN’s, link farms, or any low-quality website). Real websites with real traffic and activity.

For a client with 7 websites that need some high-quality link building. Sites do need to be in dutch. The point is to get backlinks that the client himself can’t just build

Niches are cleaning and taxation, but if the site is really good, niche does not matter, but relevant sites are preferred.

The freelancer also can get a link or links on relevant Wikipedia pages, relevant subreddits links (like r/thenetherlands or r/amsterdam) that stick are also welcome to PM. Forums that are really hard to get a link on that sticks like and you have a good, aged high-quality account, or similar, let me know as well.

This will be a monthly gig as long as the client is happy with the link

Prefer Jr VIPS and/ or market sellers.



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