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I’m looking for a content writer to write an amazon affiliate article. I have around 200 articles lined up that need writing, these include informational articles, so if you gain me as a customer, you shall get a nice bit of income from me. These 200 articles will not be sent at once, they will be drip-fed to you over a period of months while I perform testing/optimisations.

Rules are simple.

1. You MUST use SEO surfer (I can provide the access to write my article if you don’t use it as part of your business model) and follow the recommendations
2. You MUST speak good English, DO NOT apply if you do not speak good English, it will result in me rejecting the article. I’m from the UK, this is not hard for me to spot.
3. You MUST be able to use persuasive and informative writing styles. I.E writing about the benefits a product would provide to the customer.
4. You MUST provide me samples.

Budget: Open ended, I will be looking for the cheapest whilst aligning it to value.

Warning: There will be no revisions, if you hand me something that’s half finished and not quality checked, I will refuse it, and I will go elsewhere. I will not spend my time reading a 1500 word article trying to pick out your mistakes every time. Part of a writers job is to quality check their own work. I accept minor mistakes such as a missing comma, but not entire sentences that do not make sense.

BST Owners/Freelancers are welcome.

If I have missed anything from here, let me know.


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