WTB: Verified Amazon USA Reviews

I’m looking for a reliable, high quality, trustworthy review provider with a strong network of reviewers – for Amazon USA. (Long Term, Hopefully)

You should have a strong & wide network of reviewers or be able to find the right people as needed. I’m looking for someone who can deliver results in a reasonable amount of time. My quantities will be reasonable, and I’m looking to drip this long term and be a good customer of yours.

I am working with a few people currently, they are great people and reliable but their pace is a bit too slow – and so I’d like to expand my network to supplement that.

You should have knowledge of how to do this safely, well, and provide quality reviews. If you’re interested, please read below.

Here are some details of what the ideal provider would be able to do and what my desired requirements are:

> High quality, verified reviews ONLY. (amazon usa)
> My desired price is $10-$15 per review – depending on quality, quantity, etc… we can negotiate per batch we do. I am flexible & fair as long as the service, quality, and delivery time is good. The batches won’t be that large. Most likely 3-5 at a time per product.
> Of course, the item will be paid for in advance. (ppal only)
> Unfortunately, the reviewer may NOT return the item.
> You will be given a keyword to use rather than a direct link to buy. This keyword will change from time to time – don’t worry i’ll let you know and we’ll keep good communication.
> You will keep track of things and update me as needed, as I am depending on you for updates. You should be able to provide an order confirmation screenshot for each reviewer, as well as a review completed screenshot after its approved. I have a lot on my plate to do and am fairly busy, and so having someone who I can trust and work with and depend on would be ideal for me. I hope it’s you! ^_^Y

==> Once started with the review, you should be able to provide order confirmations within 2-4 days. That is why I’m looking for someone with a strong network of reviewers. Someone who can recruit quickly, reliably, and safely.

==> Yes, you should be able to start multiple reviews at once. Unfortunately, this means if I buy 5 reviews from you, you’d be able to provide 5 confirmations within 2-4 days. I hope that makes sense. We can negotiate – but I need someone who can follow through & fulfill. I’m not looking to have someone do 2 reviews out of those 5, then do another 2 reviews a few weeks later, etc etc… I need a consistent drip.

==> You should be able to provide the review confirmation within 2-3 weeks MAXIMUM, from the date that the reviewer receives the product. We can negotiate here – but the point is that I am not looking to wait an excess amount of time. (Yes, I run ppc & outside marketing, so everything will look organic on my end. But on your end you should be able to fulfill everything within a reasonable amount of time)

==> You should be good with communication, and provide updates when needed & stay on top of things.

That’s all. If this is something you think you can help with – let me know and we could talk. I’d like to know a bit more about what you can offer, if we’re compatible to work together, etc etc… I do intend to be a long term client of yours.

Thank you, please have a great day. If you are interested PM me.

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