Hiring Someone to Create/Automate Child Accounts for IG ($400/month budget)


I’m looking to hire a freelancer who would be able to create a substantial amount of child accounts and then automate them/semi-automate them to help drive followers and engagement to my mother account. I have a budget of about $100 weekly ($400/monthly) for an indefinite period of time. Given that setting up and weaning the child accounts can take some time I understand that this isn’t an immediate thing, and will in fact take some time (hopefully for good reason). Budget can be negotiated depending upon your experience and prior history of satisfaction with your other clients. Yes, I would prefer someone who has done this before and knows the inns and outs to automation and doesn’t just learn it as you go haha

If everything goes considerably smoothly and you seem like a trustworthy individual to work with, I would be open to expanding our business together and/or increase pay for managing additional child accounts.

I would like to hire someone to create and manage the automation of at least 40-50 child accounts to drive traffic to my main account.

Let me know what you think, or any way I could get in touch with you! I’d be willing to start this process as soon as even tomorrow or sometime next week depending on interest.

I’m new to not only this forum but to the concept of the “mother-child” promotion method. I’ve used countless services who do automation, have tried Jarvee, have purchased followers and ultimately just ended up running into the same ditch: an increase in followers and a lack of engagement. Testimonials on service websites will show accounts they’ve worked with but if you check their engagement rate to follower ratio it’s inconsistent and substantially lower then that of any regular Instagram account.

Please drop contact info or whatnot below if you’re interested! If I’m in the wrong place in this forum or violating any particular rule please also let me know; I apologize in advance! I’ve been kind of just hovering around without an active account throughout the forum for years and love it but never really actively engage with the BHM community.

NOTES: The page is a personal modeling page which I ultimately plan on expanding upon and potentially turning it back into an musical/dancing artist niche. We can work together on exploring accounts and hashtags to target upon agreement to work together.

Really looking forward to seeing what y’all have to offer and the business we could be doing together as a potential client of yours!



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