Looking For Reddit and Facebook Group Expert


looking for a facebook groups and reddit expert that knows how to create and scale subreddits/facebook groups. If you have a team even better.


– Must’ve dealt with adult content (groups will be adult groups)
– Must know how to get adult memes (in bulk)
– Must’ve worked with facebook groups and subreddits.
– Must know how to grow facebook groups and subreddits (although we will help here)

Optional (but preferable):

– If you control subreddits or facebook groups for adult content, amazing
– Experience in converting adult groups.

We need you to create, and control these groups for us. We will provide you the ads to run in addition to the regular posts.

We can pay you salary + commission.

Salary would be: $450/month + 5% of all revenue generated from the groups you control/maintain – typically each group/subreddit generates around $10k/month (from 50k members) – so if you’re maintaining 30 groups, you will earn $15k/month. This figure is ofcourse highly subjective – the more targeted users you drive, the more the group earns. Best converters are t1/t2.

We can provide:

– Proxies
– Accounts
– Any software you prefer for automated maintenance (i.e. massplanner etc).

Please only PM me if you have experience in this, we’re not looking for newbies. Teams are welcome.

To confirm you’ve read this please make sure to add your skype/telegram along with “yes I can do reddit”.

We’re looking to hire immediately


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