Hiring a Motivated Social Media Marketing Associate!

Hello, I have an e commerce business where we sell fake prop money (think theatre, skits, pranks, etcs).

We are looking for someone to market to Youtube & Instagram. Essentially you’ll be asking Youtubers to accept our product for free in exchange for a product review video.

We have a process in place that has worked pretty good in the past. However, we are very open for suggestions and improvements. We have metrics in place to know how well this job is being performed, which leads me to my next points:

  1. You should get people to accept our product for free in exchange for a review
  2. You will be responsible for making sure the collaborators actually do the review in a timely and productive way (we’re trying to advertise our product)
  3. These should eventually lead to sales of our product (there is bonus opportunity here if performance is really high)

If you’re interested, please private message me with rate and why you think you’re fit for this job.

Thank you!!

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