Filling out a spreadsheet

I have a pretty straightforward search > copy/paste task that I cannot finish on my own.

Perfect English reading ability
Decent English speaking and listening ability
Ability to think critically and the ability to care about the project
Experience with Excel spreadsheets AND somewhat advanced Boolean and other Google search methods
Must be able to accept payment on PayPal or Zelle

Time Constraints:
I’m flexible.

I will only pay for performance, not by hour.
I will pay $0.50 per spread sheet row (search for the right type of website, inspect it to ensure it meets my criteria, copy paste URL, type name of page… that’s it)
I’ve timed the process, and this should result in $8-12USD per hour for consistent, uninterrupted work (although if you work hard and fast, could be twice as much)

I will provide two YouTube videos of me screencasting the process. The first video to show you how, and the second video to show you how fast I expect you CAN do this and thus how I justify my pay rate per spreadsheet row.

This will probably only provide several hundred to one-thousand USD income by the end of the project. However, if you’re awesome, I’m going to make sure I convince you to keep working for my team on other projects.

PM me with a very brief blurb about your background which must include: where you live, what work you do, how many hours a week you could contribute likely, and anything else that might be relevant.
If I’m into it, I will give you my Whatsapp/WeChat/Line/Signal number, and we’ll set up a time to call each other.
If not, I’ll let you know.
If I ignore you, it’s because you didn’t follow directions.

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