At this point I only have a question (if it’s

So I need some crypto recovered (not sure if that’s even a thing or if it’s even worth the effort…not that it isn’t a substantial amount but just the “this vs that” of the issue…if anyone is interested and thinks it’s doable then my email is [email protected] I’ll give full details in my first reply then just let me know if it’s even possible and if it’s something you’d even be remotely interested in doing for me (I’ll definitely say it’s damn sure not a small amount and I’m not a creep skate if I’m not at a total loss and anything is recoverable) upfront tho just to be transparent and not waist time from the start I can only give a portion of what I’m asking to be recovered HOWEVER that ain’t chump change even at 1/4 were still talkin a hell of a payday esp if your a wiz at this sort of thing…if gmail isn’t cool with you to talk just tell me what to use and I’ll make it work so your as anonymous as can be (my only contact request is put 666 or 420 or something of that nature in the subject so I know to check it)

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