[WTH] Someone with US-based social following or e-mail list to

Hi All,

I’m closing up my e-commerce company (Bamboo Supply Co) and am running a “Going out of business sale” to try to liquidate as much inventory before the end of the year as possible.

I’ve tapped out my own email list and still have a bunch of bamboo sheets and mens bamboo socks that I’d like to sell before the end of the year. Looking for someone with a solid US social media audience or email list that is willing to help out and promote the sale.

The sale is 50% off and then probably a bump to 60% off after Christmas. Ideally this would involve two blasts to your audience. My budget really depends on your accounts/audience, but I’d like to spend no more than a couple hundred dollars. Really looking for someone with a solid list that is looking for deals/sales or is in the fashion/home goods space.

Send me a message and let me know if you think you can help out.

PLEASE DON’T CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE NOT JR. VIP!! I won’t be hiring you in that case and it’s a waste of time. Thanks!!


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