[WTH] Link Building Partnership

Good evening (if you’re in the US)!

We’re looking to expand our partnership to include one or two link building agencies or freelancers. Right now, our SEO agency works with two regularly – one of which their quality has significantly gone down hill in the past 6 months, opening our need to fill their spot.

We do require a list of domains you work with or manage, as we like to review legitimacy of domains (they can be PBNs), select which domains we want to use per client, and keep track of live links. We can also create the content or pay you to create the content – both options acceptable. You will get work from us regularly as long as the quality remains and you’re a trustworthy partner. Your domain information is private and only available internally with my team.

I should note, we try to work with 40+ DA sites, but a couple 30+ are acceptable.

If this is something you can fulfill, please drop me a DM and we will talk.

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