need expert for seo

my website was at rank #1 in keyword that i want. Ii’m not expert at seo. Give some organic traffic is all i’ve done.
Suddenly, one competitor participated in the game and his site appeared in first page 2 months ago. And now he is at the top of SERP.

So i started studying seo here. and want my site to recover rank…

To the point

My niche is poker but keyword what i’m looking for is not that competitve. guess 2-3competitors in the game.
(also i was at #1 without help.)

1.Need someone who can help passionate newbie.
Who can analyze my competitor’s work(he maybe hide some works but i could find some works in ahref)
2.Going to do whole seo work that he’ve done and more so that i can get my rank back.
There’s many services in this forum but i don’t know which service is good ex) pbn, backlink, etc.
So need Who can recommend specific services that I need for work.

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